Effective All Natural Mosquito Control And Elimination By Mosquito Warden - Mosquito Warden Kit
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The Mosquito Warden

With its distinctive high tech rank the Mosquito Warden will eliminate mosquitoes and unwanted insects efficiently. This unit has an inviting LED light and a CO2 scent creating a hard to resist environment for all blood-seeking bugs.

Once close by the unit, the powerful suction traps the bugs making it impossible to come back to the environment. Insects are stored in a tray located below the easy to clean device.

What makes our unit different?

  • In comparison to other system Mosquito warden allows you to install multiple units making a more enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Units connect easily underground with direct burial low voltage wire and uses an 18 V transformer making it an easy DIY project.
  • This unit has a special and durable (50,000 hours or 6 years) LED light that will captivate and lure insects and any other blood-seeking bugs into the trap
  • This unit releases a Carbon Dioxide aroma making it more Effective to eliminate unwanted bugs

Mosquito Control-Naturally

Mosquito Warden helps you maintain a safe mosquito free area without any risk to children or pets. The Mosquito Warden can cover up to 2500 SQ/FT per unit and it can be used in multiple quantities to protect larger areas. The CO2 scent in combination of the LED light attracts mosquitoes without providing any uncomfortable or strong odors making this an Eco friendly unit.

Mosquito Warden Features:

  • ECO friendly
  • Outdoors use only
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof unit
  • Release a Carbon Dioxide aroma effective to eliminate bugs
  • Captivate and catch insects with special LED light
  • Easy to clean removable tray
  • Up to 4 units combined together to create a 1.5 miles mosquito free zone
  • Easy installation “floor or ceiling mount”


Mosquito Warden product offers a limited 5 year bulb replacement and a 2 year component warranty.

QB ID: MW-200Multi-1


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