Above Ground Pool Fence Installation and Assorted Instructions

If you’re searching for a pool fencing product, but prefer to perform the installation yourself, look no further than the Premium Guard pool fence from AboveGroundPoolSafety.com. Our Premium Guard DIY pool fence is an ideal solution for those looking to save money on costly fence installation by an outside contractor. By following a few simple steps, you can have your new pool fence assembled and installed in no time.

Here are some of the many reasons why Premium Guard is a preferable choice to other pool fencing products:

  • It’s practically maintenance free.
  • It’s made from rust-resistant PVC resin.
  • It’s expertly designed to accommodate most above ground pools.
  • It’s attractive white color will complement the exterior décor of any home.
  • It’s excellent at holding in toys, inflatable items, flotation devices, and other fun pool products.
  • It’s offered in modular packaging to help avoid waste.
  • And many more reasons

In addition to the benefits our Premium Guard pool fence will provide, we offer a number of high-quality accessories that will enhance both the safety and style of your new pool fencing product. Once you decide on the proper accessories, simply follow the appropriate links below to access the proper instructions about installing your new helpful accessories.

For additional information about our DIY pool fencing solution, please contact us today. We have an expert team of highly-trained professionals standing by ready to answer all your above ground pool fence questions.

Premium Guard Above Ground Pool Fence Video Installation
Mouthing the Base Bracket Video Step 01
Mounting the
Base Bracket
Proper Installation of a Fake Brace Video Step 05
Proper Installation
of a Fake Brace
Installing the Gate Door Lock Video Step 09
Installing the Gate
Door Lock
Measure and Cut the Base Extension Video Step 02
Measure and Cut
the Base Extension
Attaching Gate Bracket to the Fake Brace Video Step 06
Attaching Gate Bracket
to the Fake Brace
Peg and Top Span Installation Video Step 10
Peg and Top Span
Attach Post to Base Extention Video Step 03
Attach Post to
Base Extention
Gate Assembly Video Step 07
Gate Assembly
Sizing the Span Evenly Video Step 04
Sizing the Span
Installing the Gate Door Video Step 08
Installing the Gate
Above Ground Pool Fence Instructions
Pool Fence Installation Manual
Sentry Safety Gate Installation Manual
Stair Installation Manual
Gate Installation Manual
Step Assembly Manual
Confer Gate Installation Manual
Step Barrier Assembly Instructions
Mangna-Latch Installation Instructions
Mangna-Latch Installation Instructions
General Magna-Latch Installation Instructions

Magna-Latch Video
Magna-Latch Endorsement Video

TRU Close Hinge Installation Video
D and D Technology TRU-Close Self Closing Hinge Installation Video
$20 Flat Rate Shipping Safety Rebate Support Sentry Safety Poly Guard Pool Fence