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Premium Guard Above Ground Pool Safety Fence - Kit D (1 span)

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Protect Your Children With Premium Guard.
With properly installed above ground pool fencing, you can take control of a potential hazard on your property. As a very real threat, an unprotected pool can quickly become a drowning risk to toddlers, children and even pets.

To meet your family’s safety concerns, is offering Sentry Safety Pool Fence Premium Guard product line. Premium Guard adds a new level of security to above ground pool safety. The modular fence is made of rustproof PVC resin which is durable but also lightweight. You purchase by the span and it comes in a complete kit. It can easily be installed by pool owners as a safety centric home project. Premium Guard creates a visually well manicured appearance.'s fencing system fits most above ground pool models and can easily be purchased by the section - however many or few you need!

How Can it Help?
Grassy feet from going in and out of the pool to fetch a beach ball are a thing of the past as above ground pool fencing helps to keep toys, inflatable balls and floats within the pool. More importantly it helps keep unsupervised neighborhood kids at bay detering unwanted access to your pool with potentially disastrous results.

  • Comes in sections that link together to form a sturdy fence
  • Premium Guard attaches to the pool's existing braces.
  • Easy to clean, maintenance free resin - use a hose for a quick spray down (harder dirt can be removed with sponge & soapy water).
  • The uprights are a square design for ultimate rigidity and equal impact force absorption from all sides of the above ground pool fence.
  • The top and bottom rails are rectangular and hold 2.5" of the pickets for decreased risk of impact damage to the pickets.
  • The fence is 22.5" tall and has a spacing of 4" between pickets.
  • Comes in a kit with all needed hardware for a simple DIY installation.
  • Each span of fence is made 60" wide for the largest known pool brace span opening and then can easily be cut down to size to fit your pool using common household tools like a hacksaw.

   How to Order Top of Page

Ordering from is simple:

  • 1) Count the number of spans on your pool. Determine if you are encircling your whole pool or if you are leaving an opening for a deck or a gate. Enter the final quantity of brace spans in the top ordering box where it says total # of brace spans.

  • OR

  • 2) Enter the quantity of each A, B, C, or D kit that you'll need. The contents of these three kits come with different parts. You will always want to start a kit "A" because it contains necessary and important hardware. Meanwhile "B", "C", & "D" kits are add-ons.
The good news is that either way you decide to order, we'll automatically fill in the blanks. This way if you only know how many brace spans you have, its still easy to comparison check the cost of a competitor’s kits.
Brace Span

What's a Brace Span?
A brace span, as shown in the picture to the left is the distance between two pool uprights.

You can order just by counting the number of these spans on your pool and deducting the space for a gate or ladder (see note below).

What’s in Each Kit?
Base Kit "A"
This is a base kit will contain enough materials to install fencing for eight spans. Each new installation will require one of these base kits. It includes two end posts; one to start the installation and one to complete the installation along with necessary hardware.

Add-on Kit "B"
This is an add-on kit which expands the "A" kit by 3 spans.

Add-on Kit "C"
This is an add-on kit which expands the "A" kit by 2 spans.

Add-on Kit "D"
This is an add-on kit which expands the "A" kit by 1 span.

Entrance Ordering Note:
If you are ordering the Standard Fence Gate and your brace span is 38" or under then subtract one brace span from your fence order. If you are ordering the Standard Fence Gate and your brace span is over 38" then do not subtract a brace span. If you are ordering any of the stairs or steps from the site still order a brace span fence section for the span where the stairs or steps are going - the fencing will be needed to close off the gaps on the sides of the stairs.

   What's Included In Your Kit? Top of Page
Sentry Safety Pool Fence’s Premium pool fence provides a full kit for your DIY installation:
  • Brace Brackets
  • White coated stainless steel screws
  • Hardware
  • End Caps
  • Upright Posts
  • Horizontal Braces
  • Pickets
  • Installation Guide
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty!
Product Images:
Modular Kit
Cross Section
Modular Kit
Cross Section
Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless Steel Screws

What are the materials?
Premium Guard above ground safety pool fence kit is made of rustproof PVC resin. Its durable yet light weight. Because it comes in sections and is so light weight its easy to carry. Premium Guard pool fence comes exclusively in white for a clean, visually enhanced appearance.

   What Tools Do I Need to Install? Top of Page

Premium Guard pool fence is easy to install kit and makes a great DIY project. For your convience, the modular fence pieces have pre-drilled holes in the PVC uprights. Our finishing trim pieces (like end caps) just snap in for a completed look. Here is a list of tools you should gather as you prepare to erect your fence:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Hack saw*
  • Drill with 1/8" drill bit
  • Phillips head bit

If you have a long span (over 60"), a deck that will interfere with a span or are putting in a gate into a span 38" or larger you may need to use an “Artificial Upright.” This will require further supplies. View the installation manual for info on how to create the artificial upright.

* You'll use the hacksaw to trim the rails so they'll fit your pools span. It's easy to do!

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Click on the Video Images to Watch!

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View actual DIY customer install images below.
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Pool Fence Bracing
Full View
Pool Fence Side View

   Accessory Compatibilities Top of Page

Premium Guard above ground pool fence kit can be used in conjunction with common decks, stairs, steps and gates. If you already have a ladder for your pool your can block access to the ladder with the Standard Fence Gate. If you do not have a ladder you may want to consider one of the convenient and safe entry systems we have to offer. The Standard Fence Gate and our entry systems can all be upgraded by using the Magna Latch System - the worlds most trusted child safety gate system.

Browse the "related items" list on the right for more information on our accessories.

Manual: Above Ground Pool Fence Manual


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